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Comprehensive checklist of all Nocs/Permission Approval to be obtained by New investors/Industrials Units

1. Name of Department Forest Environment & Wildlife Management Government Of Sikkim Gangtok
2. Approval/Permission/NOC to be obtained by new investors/Industrial Units In-principal as well as Final Approval obtainable from the central govt. under the provision of Rest (Conservation)Act 1980 for diversion of Forest Land for use of the Project authority, as per the following categorization:-
  1. More than 40 ha of Forest land -From Ministry of Environment Forest Climate change, Govt. of India, Delhi
  2. 5-40 ha of Forest land – From the Regional Empowered Committee (REC) constituted under the MoEF&CC, Regional Office at Shillong
  3. Less than 5 ha of Forest land- from the MoEF & CC, Regional Office, Shillong
General approval is granted by the State Govt. as per the guidelines already been conveyed by the MoEF&CC, GOI under the Forest (Conservation)Act 1980 for diversion of Forest land up to 1 ha only for the use of the following categories of activities provided that those are outside the National Park and Sanctuary:-
  1. Schools,
  2. Dispensaries ,
  3. Electric and telecommunication lines,
  4. Drinking Water projects,
  5. Water/rainwater harvesting structures,
  6. Minor irrigation channels,
  7. Skill up-gradation/vocational training centres,
  8. Non – conventional sources of energy,
  9. Power sub-stations,
  10. Communication posts,
  11. Construction/widening of roads including approach roads to roadside establishment,
  12. upo-gradation/strengthening/widening of existing bridges by the Border Roads Organization(BRO) and
  13. Police establishments like police stations/outposts/border outposts/ watch towers in sensitive area indentified by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Recommendation of the State/National Board for Wildlife is mandatory is case of forest land is to be diverted from the National Park and Wildlife sanctuary areas

Permission of the Hon’ble Supreme Court is mandatory under the provisional wildlife (Protection)Act 1972 after obtaining the prior recommendation NBWL and CEC

Environment Clearance under the provision of Environment(Protection) Act, 1986 for construction of hydro power project, National highways, building having the plinth area of 20000 square meter, Ropeway in the area where altitude is more than 3000 meters and any other activities prescribed under the said Act.
3 Application Form(Blank as well sample completed form)
  1. For diversion of Forest Land as prescribed under the Rules/Guidelines framed under the Forest (conservation) Act., 1980.
  2. For Seeking Recommendation of State/National Board for wildlife for diversion of forest land from National park/wildlife sanctuary areas as prescribed under the wildlife (Protection)Act, 1972
4 List of Enclosures(Checklist)
  1. Demand letter of the project authority/applicant
  2. Main application form in prescribed format Part-I(A) to Part V duly filled up and signed by the competent authority, justification for locating the project in the forest land, item wise break up of forest land involved and detail notes of project.
  3. Map of the project site/forest area required clearly showing the forest boundaries and adjoining area with land use in distinct colour in 1:50,000 scale on survey of India toposheet with legends and signed by both the Forest and Project authority
  4. Joint inspection Report of respective DFO and his subordinate officers in respect of forest land involved for diversion
  5. Geo referenced boundary in shape file along with a copy of digital map by using total station or differential GPS, duly authenticated by the competent authority of the State Forest Department
  6. Cost benefit analysis in case of Forest land is more than 5 ha involved for diversion in hilly areas
  7. Statement showing the details of forest area involved i.e survey no/coupe no/compartment no duly signed by the concerned DFO
  8. Enumeration list of project affected trees/poles as per the format with abstract duly signed by the respect DFO
  9. Certificate from the Collector/Deputy commissioner regarding non-availability of suitable non-forest land for the project.
  10. Undertaking by the agency to pay the cost of the compensatory afforestation with maintenance provision in the prescribed format.
  11. Undertaking by the user agency to pay the Net Present Value of the Forest Land involved for diversion in prescribed format.
  12. Site Inspection Report of the respective DFOand higher level also regarding diversion of forest land
  13. Details of non-forest land/degraded forest land indentified by the respective DFO for compensatory afforestation with CA map in appropriate scale
  14. Joint certificate from the respect District collector and DFO regarding non-availability of non –forest land compensatory afforestation
  15. Certificate from the District Collector in the prescribed format stating that all forest rights under the FRA -2006 have been in respect of Forest land proposed for diversion
  16. Certificate from Chief Secretary, Govt. of Sikkim regarding non-availability of non-forest land for compensatory afforestation in prescribed format
  17. Detailed scheme for compensatory afforestation twice the forest land proposed to be diverted for the project with estimated cost, duly signed by the respective DFO
  18. Suitability Certificate from the respective DFO stating that land/degraded forest land identified for CA is suitable for raising plantation and management point of view
  19. Net Present Value of the forest land prepared as per the rate fixed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its ruling daed 28/3/2008, 29-5-2008, duly signed by the respective DFO,
  20. Muck Disposal Plan with reclamation measure along with the map in proper scale approved by the competent authority
  21. Detailed Catchment Area Treatment(CAT) Plan in case of hydro power project having more than 5 MW generating capacity and also for other projects as applicable
  22. Consent/NOC of the State Pollution Control Board as applicable
  23. Forest clearance under the Forest(Conservation)Act, 1980 for sand/stones required for the projects as applicable
  24. Environment clearance obtainable from SEA/SEIAA wherever applicable in terms of Office Memorandum No. 1-11011/47/2011-IA, II(M) dated the 18th May 2012
  25. Any other additional information/documents necessary for giving clarification on the project as applicable.
5 Fees, if any, and mode of payment Mode of payment – By demand Draft in favour of the State Forest Department or by remitting directly to the Ad Hoc CAMPA in the Ministry through RTGS
6 Nodal Officer, Designation Contact number Chief Conservator of Forests-cum-Nodal Officer(FA) 9434013001(M) email:
7 Time limit for giving approval/permission/NOC i) Scrutiny of proposal for acceptance by the O/o the Nodal Officer – 10 days ii) Completion of Field level procedural formalities as required for diversion of forest land by DFO
Ø Upto 40 ha – 30days
Ø Upto 40-100ha - 45days
Ø Above 100ha – 60days
iii) Processing, re-examination and recommendation of proposals by the O/o the CF/CCF for diversion of forest land
Ø Up to 5 ha - 10 days
Ø Up to 40 ha – 30 days
iv) Processing, re examination and recommendation of proposals by the O/s the Nodal Officer for diversion of Forest Land
Ø Up to 5 ha - 10 days
Ø Up to 5 – 40 - 20days
Ø Up to 40 – 100 – 25 days
Ø Above 100 ha - 30 day
Processing and obtaining prior approval of State Govt. – 20 days
8. Department website for further details